Groupe Hybride

Collections management and publication full-web software


Virtual exhibitions and museums, digital catalogs, educational or documentary interactive content... SKINsoft develops tools adapted to today's concerns regarding online collection and private heritage publication. 

Highlighting the artworks online

Collection web portals and 3D virtual museums in real time

In collaboration with l'Agence Privée - partner of the Hybride group specialized in webdesign - SKINsoft creates modern web portals adapted to the identity of each structure and offering efficient search tools, thematic files, creation of baskets, publication on social media, referencing...

Even more modern, the SKINweb module combined with webGL technology enables the creation of 3D virtual museums in real time managed by curators just like an actual museum : artworks hanging, temporary exhibitions... Web users can virtually walk through the museum, enjoy permanent and temporary exhibitions, see artworks modeled in 3D...

Modern tools that change the nature of the relationship between the visitor and the artwork, placing the patrimonial and private collections in the collective culture. 

fenimore art museum (New-York State)
musée virtuel Air France
les arts decoratifs
musée national de l'éducation
fondation marguerite et aimé maeght
musée de l'ordre de la libération




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